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The “Other” Networking

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Follow these seven strategies for networking with humans to grow your business. When I say the word “networking,” what comes to mind? I’ll bet it’s your client’s or your own tech infrastructure that runs a business. While you’re not wrong, as the self-professed “Image Geek in the MSP world,” I am actually referring to that […]

Busting the MSP Myth That Appearance Doesn’t Matter

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You have seven seconds to make a first impression. What message do you want your appearance to convey to customers and prospects? I participated in an initial sales meeting once that “looked” like this: The first salesperson sat in my conference room chair in a too-tight button-down untucked shirt, exposing bulging buttons and abdominal hair. […]

You Are Being Watched! Exercise These 3 Positive Leadership Behaviors

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A leader’s actions—good and bad—impact the energy of an entire business. Does your company staff meeting look like this? Your CEO is constantly cutting team members off to ask questions. One engineer is rolling his eyes, another is looking out the window, and yet another is checking email on her phone. How do you FEEL […]

Four Lessons to Becoming a Respected Leadership STAR!

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Learn the four keys to being a leader who inspires. “If you get the culture right, everything becomes easier. If you don’t get it right, all is hard.” – Jack Daly, author of Hyper Sales Growth Microsoft Inspire is a remarkable trade show. Thousands of IT geeks like myself fly in from all over the […]

Personal Branding 101: Leadership Strategies for the Busy MSP

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A bit of polish and preparation can help an MSP and other channel professionals build a trusted brand that commands respect and attention. HAVE YOU EVER been in a bidding war with two or three other MSPs and won? Think back to that glorious moment and remember what set you apart from your competition. Was […]

How Does Color Influence Your World?

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This weekend, I am attending the Annual Boston Caribbean Fashion Week Fashion Show. When I think about this event, I envision it looking like the image I created above, vibrant hues of blue and yellow cascading down the runway with attendees looking like a school of rainbow fish! There have been so many studies done […]

Take Your Presentation from Blah to Brilliant!

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Seven Successful Presentation Skills to Win Your Audience! How many presentations do you give on a daily basis? This is a trick question. The answer: all day! Whether we are at the office delivering the quarterly numbers, sitting across the table in a heated negotiation, teaching about Newton’s Law in Science class, or networking at […]

Build Employee Morale on a See-S.A.W.

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Weeee! Up in the air, down to the ground. Then up and down. All the while giggling while our feet tap the group to propel us up once again! I have such fond memories of riding on a see-saw when my kids were young! This fond memory came flooding back to me after I watched […]

The Business Bite & Other Dinner Etiquette Tips

Dining Etiquette

How many business dinners have you attended where your final memory of your dinner companion was chewed food discarded on the side of their plate or strands of spaghetti slowly being slurped into their mouth? Disgusting, right!? Question: Do table manners really impact our image?

Five Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall!

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Do you have a favorite summer work dress? Is it in a color or style that flatters your silhouette? I have a couple of those dresses in my wardrobe. I am NEVER ready to take these pieces out of commission to prepare my wardrobe for the impending colder months. Alas! You do not have to […]