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Kerry Creeden

Boston Chapter Board Member

Lisa Crafted An Impactful Custom Workshop That Aligned With Our Audience’s Needs

“Lisa crafted a custom interactive workshop based not only on her extensive knowledge on the topic, but enhanced it by researching our industry, companies, and attendees in order to align with her audience and our needs. Her preparedness, delivery, poise, and relevance made the event very impactful and was well received by all.” 

Anthony Headshot

Anthony Oren

President, Nero Technology Consulting

I Hired Lisa for Video Content… I Ended Up A More Confident Public Speaker!

“I reached out to Lisa because of some of the video content she created. I wanted to learn how to create videos for my MSP. That was my intention when I hired her. I didn’t realize all the work that goes into sounding confident when public speaking.

By the end of our 3-month engagement, not only do I have Lisa’s standard structure to create videos, but she also helped me to re-write my technical content to be understandable and client friendly. 

The most important benefit from my coaching with Lisa is that I am now a more confident public speaker during my videos, webinars, media interviews and meeting with clients. Through role-playing, she coached me on varying my voice for different conversations, instead of just being monotone, we also talked a lot about nonverbal behaviors that make me look more confident such as proper camera placement and lighting, using my hands and smiling.

If you are on the fence about working with Lisa, just do it! I benefited so much more than I could have imagined.  Her professional development coaching helped me become a more aware and empathetic leader.  Thank you, Lisa!”

Ethan Headshot

Ethan Farlow

COO, Comtech

If you are on the fence about working with Lisa, go for it! You'll get repeated value from her training for years to come!

“We engaged Lisa to help strengthen our relationships with our clients.  As the COO for Comtech, my biggest takeaway was the benefit of seeing my team connect with and resonate with Lisa’s encouragement and expert guidance. I feel like I’ve been talking to my Service team about some of the many concepts Lisa taught, but was not as effective.

What set’s Lisa apart from other Coaches is her ability to customize and tailor the workshops to our team and their struggles. She was great following up to ensure we knew what she was going to talk about and to gather examples from us that she could build into the workshop (this way it made it extremely relevant to the team).

Another key benefit is, I now have a library of training topics that my Service Manager and I can select from.

If you are on the fence about working with Lisa, just go for it! If you are a manager, be sure to make her training a priority by setting time on your calendar for the classes.  Also be sure you set outcome goals.

Lisa’s training is certainly an ongoing process. This is a course (and Lisa designs it this way) that will not only bring you value the first time through, but you’ll get repeated value for years to come!” 


Mark D. Lozen

Founder and CEO of Structured Technologies

Lisa is an extremely professional MSP Owner and Coach who has a unique ability to connect to her audience!

“In mid-2021, I had the pleasure of attending a webinar where Lisa was presenting. She quickly caught my attention as she went through her presentation of “5 Key Soft Skills to Master when Selling Cyber Security in 2021.” A few weeks later, I attended another webinar where Lisa spoke again, this time she was presenting “What are the 5 Pillars of Your Personal Brand”. 

Again, she had my attention. At the end of the presentation, she invited all of the attendees to download “The 12 Reason Why Your Company Image is Costing You Money” she authored. After reading through this document, I was convinced that I needed to bring her talent to the attention of our management team, with the hopes they would feel what I felt.

During our next business meeting, we reviewed the 12-Reasons document. Each of our management team was intrigued the further they read. At the end of our meeting, no one disputed that we needed Lisa’s help.

Lisa is an extremely professional lady who has a unique ability to connect to her audience. The fashion to which she speaks, her professionalism while sharing real life experiences along with the content she delivers is why I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone struggling to get more out of their business. To simply say, our relationship with Lisa has been a real inspiration for me, my wife and our team of IT Professionals would be an understatement. We look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come!”

Shorr Success

Jason Bailey

Service Desk Manager, Structured Technologies

Lisa’s Image & Branding Training has been a positive transformational experience for all of us!

“The Impact of Lisa’s Image and Branding Training has been a positive transformational experience for all of us at Structured Technologies! Lisa is excellent at guiding you through the fundamentals of Branding and the importance of Image. I really appreciated her customized approach. She was thoughtful and considerate, really going the extra mile to find out which areas we need more focus on.

My Service Team was receptive and appreciative of the training and outside perspective. Each of us have become more aware and cognizant of how we are perceived by Clients, and how to maximize a positive Customer Experience.”

1516927157922 1

Matthew Hansel

Technology Advisor, Structured Technologies

Lisa went above & beyond to focus on our business. Her Image & Branding training had a significant impact on our team!

“Working with Lisa was great. She created a customized training plan for the management team, and then included the rest of our team for several sessions. She went above and beyond to focus on our business and not just try to put us into a generic mold. The image and branding training had a significant impact on me as a manager. She helped me understand how it is important for not only me to present our image and brand, but I want to make sure that my team is presenting the same image and brand. In particular, she reinforced how important consistent verbiage is when dealing with our customers.”

Shorr Success

Dyan S.

Portsmouth, RI

I Have A New Awareness Of Styles That Work Best For Me And Why They Work For My Body Type!

“Having Lisa come to my home and work with my wardrobe right out of my closet was the key to my success! The biggest benefit of working with you has been my new awareness of styles that work best for me and WHY those styles work for my body type. You also helped me to plan out my outfits and play with accessories and to really pay attention to the style and fit of an outfit more now. You were very positive and complimentary and helped me to feel great about myself.

Lisa is extremely likable and personable, and she made this experience fun! I really do think I dress and shop differently now after working with Lisa and I feel more put together and stylish. I have been able to let go of and eliminate clothing that wasn’t suitable for my body type.

I highly recommend working with Lisa. She is an extremely professional woman who presents herself beautifully, maintains close communication with her client and makes herself available to her client as promised. She is prompt and reliable and has spent time training for her profession and it shows! I really did enjoy this experience and feel as though I treated myself to something that will save me money, knowing I will make better clothing and accessory purchases in the future.”

Michael Morgan Service Manager IT Management Solutions

Michael Morgan

Service Manager, IT Management Solutions

This behavior-enhancing course is for anyone influencing others in IT

“I appreciated my time spent with Lisa Shorr in her program Confidence + Credibility = Cash. It was a concentrated re-focus on what really drives the success of a business, the attitude and presence of the team interacting with the client. Lisa Presents her material in a manner that demonstrates that she understands the importance of teaching by example. I would recommend this behavior enhancing course to anyone influencing others in a technical field.”

Shorr Success

Donna E.


Lisa Will Motivate You To Become The Best In Your Business!

“I engaged Lisa because I was seeking to grow my Real Estate practice. I needed to bring more consistency and branding to my client experience.  Lisa dug in by updating the messaging of my client-facing marketing materials.  She listens to your needs and the outcomes you want to achieve. Lisa motivates you to become the best in your business!

If you are on the fence about working with Lisa, don’t wait, just do it! She will undoubtedly help you with your personal branding and marketing to bring your business to the next level!”

Vanessa Reimer Headshot

Vanessa Reimer

Manager Administration and Communications, CarefreeIT

Lisa’s Authentic Coaching Has Provided Our Management Team Invaluable Insights and Growth Strategies!

“This workshop has provided our Management Team with invaluable insights and strategies to hone our business practices from top to bottom. As many MSP Owners know, technical skills often take center stage in our day-to-day operations, thereby pushing equally important “soft skills”– such as communication, business image, and branding — to the sidelines. Lisa’s workshop provides a much-needed foundation that MSPs must nurture if they want to successfully grow their businesses.

Lisa’s coaching style is both accessible and authentic. As a Certified Image Consultant and MSP Owner, she provides a unique perspective on many challenges that MSPs face, no matter their size or locale. Lisa’s workshop was both highly informative and enjoyable! Your MSP will definitely benefit from her expertise, just like ours has.”

Amanpreet Guiliani Headshot

Amanpreet Guliani

Service Manager, CarefreeIT

I Have Seen Consistent Clear Improvement In The Behavior of My Service Team since Lisa’s Class!

“Lisa’s workshop helped me as Service Manager build stronger soft skills including communication and appearance. I shared Lisa’s module on Empathy with my Service Dispatcher and since then, I have seen a consistent clear improvement in the behavior of the entire team. Lisa is good at involving everyone in the discussion. She does not just go over the content, she makes sure that you understand it by sharing real-world examples and stories that are relevant to your company. Lisa’s class is worth the investment based on the wealth of soft skills you learn and the confidence you gain to grow your business!”

Tina Cantu Headshot

Tina Cantu

Account Manager, AIM Services, Inc.

Lisa Taught Me How to Improve My Personal Brand!

“Lisa presented very interesting and meaningful content during her Confidence Plus Credibility = CA$H course.  Her knowledge, know-how, and positive approach were thought-provoking, to say the least.  My pertinent takeaways were: how to improve my ‘Personal Brand’, take time to respond during those challenging conversations, and ponder my ‘WHY’!  Communication and dialogue with my fellow classmates were extremely valuable too. Thanks, Lisa!”

Chris Coulson Headshot

Chris Coulson

Founder, Coulson Technologies

Lisa's Training Gave Our Business An Edge Over The Competition!

“Making a great first impression is critical to our success. Lisa gives real-world examples on how to make our entire MSP practice stronger, because she  too runs a successful MSP Business. She teaches using real-world examples and personalized coaching, not textbook answers. Lisa made me think and become keenly aware of how my entire team represents our company and brand so we could improve our business.  Lisa’s training gave our business an edge over the competition. Win that deal you’ve been waiting for!”

Yiddy Lemmer Headshot

Yiddy Lemmer

Founder & CEO CompuConnect

Lisa Has Amazing Energy When Teaching & Coaching. I Learned A Lot Of New Concepts Of How To Interact With My Team & Clients.

“I’ve worked with several coaches in the past and I have to say I really enjoy working Lisa. She has amazing energy and is very positive. I learned a lot of new ideas and concepts from Lisa on how to interact with my team and clients in a more sensitive and productive way.  This guidance will help me improve my relationships and my MSP business.

“Confidence Plus Credibility = Ca$h” opened my eyes and taught me critical soft skills to help me grow my business!”

Headshot Elizabeth Black Robson e1644604600291

Elizabeth Robson

President JF Moran.

Working With Lisa has Caused a Corporate Mindset Shift!

“Working with Lisa has been a true game-changer.  We hired Lisa thinking that the information that she could share with us would benefit our staff. What we did not realize was that working with her would actually cause a corporate mindset shift! As we all learned how to “Master the Phones” and ‘How to Dress for a Better You”, we also learned important lessons in brand image and effective communication from Lisa. Her broad knowledge base and engaging personality are the perfect combination for corporate coaching, and her energy is positively contagious. Lisa’s presence has had a lasting impact on our company, and we are looking forward to more collaboration with her.”

Headshot JoAnn Denney

JoAnn Denney

Managing Partner & Director of Business Development, Level10 Technology

Lisa Gave Me the Confidence I Needed to Conquer My Fear of Public Speaking!

“I’m a business owner with a common fear, public speaking!  This fear does not lend well to building a business, at least not in my industry.  I spoke with Lisa at an event that we both attended and told her of my fear.  She immediately told me she was willing to work with me.  Little did she know my speaking engagement was only 10 days away!  She jumped right in as if I was her only client and worked diligently with me for several days.  By the time I presented, I was prepared with a presentation that not only flowed well but was interactive with the audience! 

I pulled it off and was actually complimented on my presentation!  It felt so good!!   But I truly could not have done it without her coaching and knowledge.  She gave me the confidence I needed and coached me all the way! She is awesome at what she does and knows her stuff.  I will not hesitate to work with her again.  I plan on conquering this fear for good!”

Headshot Andrew Cloonan

Andrew Cloonan

Career Coach, Tech Force RI

Lisa's Experience as a Local Business Owner & Image Consultant Has Without a Doubt Increased the Value of the Tech Force RI Program!

“Lisa has been a great partner for the Tech Force RI program delivering her “Owning Your Personal Brand” training. The majority of Tech Force RI participants are seeking advice on how to better represent their skills to increase job search activity and Lisa’s experience as a local business owner and image consultant are an invaluable resource. Her creativity, ability to engage, and willingness to help others are evident each time she has presented to a new group. Lisa’s partnership without a doubt increased the value of the Tech Force RI program.”

Headshot Jill Rasmussen

Jill Rasmussen

CPCU – Asst. VP & Asst. Director of Digital Experience Amica Mutaul Insurance Co.

Lisa is a Dynamic Communicator and Standout Expert in the Field of Branding!

“I have had the great fortune to cross professional paths frequently with Lisa in recent years. Most recently, she facilitated a top notch session called “Owning Your Brand” at the Women’s Summit at Bryant University. The attendees raved about her session. She is engaging, a dynamic communicator and a standout expert in her field. I would encourage any company or individual looking to build their brand to consider reaching out to Lisa. She is a true inspiration. You won’t be disappointed!”

Derek Anderson Headshot

Derek Anderson

President & CEO, Biztek Solutions, Inc.

Lisa Will Hold You Accountable and Work With You to Achieve Your Goals

“Lisa was my coach in my Accelerator’s group with Robin Robins. Her leadership helped me learn and apply marketing fundamentals to grow my business. In fact, her help was so beneficial that I won 1st place within my group for results achieved during my first 90 days working with her. Lisa will hold you accountable but also listens and works with you to achieve your goal. I highly recommend working with Lisa as a coach and mentor to kick start your marketing!”

Bill Mars Headshot

Bill Mars

President, Secure-Wan, Inc.

Lisa's Coaching Had a Transformative Effect on My Personal Growth

“Lisa has not only helped take our business to the next level but has also had a transformative effect on my personal growth. Her level of knowledge and expertise in the marketing world is only surpassed by her degree of caring and her personal interest in the success of others. Thank you Lisa for all you do!”

Rob Schenk Headshot

Rob Schenk

Co-Founder, Intivix

Lisa’s Phone Skills Workshop Gave Us a Rapid-Response Tool to Retain Clients & Keep the Interest of Prospects!

“I really liked Lisa’s Coaching method and approach to delivering her phone skills workshop to my organization.  She really listened to understand our pain points and tailored her workshop and entire conversation based on what she heard.  This collaborative approach is how I partner with my clients too.  Lisa provided us some simple blueprints, such as a phone script and vocal awareness, to implement, that provides a rapid return-on-investment.  

Her workshop enables my team to capture the attention of prospects with a simple “Good morning” and mitigate my risk of losing clients due to inconsistent phone skills. I recommend Lisa to ALL businesses.  Her passion and expertise will motivate your team and your brand to grow!”

Sondra Headshot

Sondra Lorino

Principal, Parallel Edge, Inc.

Lisa's Virtual Phone Skills Workshop Re-Focused Our Attention to Our Brand

“Lisa recently called in to our company meeting to do a Phone Skills workshop, but it was so much more than just that! She made all of us consider our company’s brand, as well as personal brands, and focused our attention on how we want to be perceived by our clients. The phone skills portion was wonderful as well, since we often get distracted and don’t focus on our clients’ impressions when they call our office. Thank you so much for your expertise Lisa, it was an invaluable lesson, and re-focused all our attention on our brand as a whole.”

Shorr Success

Eyal Bishri

President, SimplicIT Technologies

Lisa’s Deep Understanding of Branding & IT Helped Elevate our Customer Experience

“Lisa has a deep understanding of branding, marketing and the importance of clear communication and how they impact a company’s image. Her intimate knowledge from two decades’ experience running an IT company, presents a unique offering for MSP owners who are interested in elevating customer service to their clients. 

Lisa’s phone skills workshop initiated a crucial team discussion (one that we never held before) about how we would like to be perceived by our clients and prospects. I highly recommend any service and support company partner with Lisa.”

Headshot Rich Crockett

Richard H. Crockett

Senior Group Accountability Coach, aka “Mayor of Producer’s Club at Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.

Lisa is an Expert Image Consultant With Significant Focus in the IT World!

“I am happy to recommend Lisa as an expert image consultant in both the personal and corporate realm. She has the rare ability to realize that when you start to think about how you may be perceived by your client, it is just as important as to what you say but how you say it…and that actions speak louder than words. Rebranding goes beyond appearance and a fresh coat of paint, it truly involves all the stakeholders: clients, employees, vendors and prospects. 

Her area of focus in the IT world is significant, because IT employees touch clients at moments when their need is often great. From how you answer the phone, through scripting, to how you dress, greet people, show empathy on the interpersonal side, to the effective use of logo, name in corporate communication, Lisa covers it all. Especially effective is her ability to communicate her knowledge and experience well when it may be a difficult conversation or simply a in person training is outstanding.  I highly recommend Lisa, give a call you will be glad you did!”

Shorr Success

Bonnie Z.

Newport, RI

Thanks To My Color & Style Analysis, I Am More Efficient When I Shop!

“My session with Lisa for a personal color and style review was just what I needed! A mutual friend recommended I contact her, and I’m so glad I did. We had such a fun, relaxing, and enlightening time figuring out what colors work with both my complexion and my personality. Have to mention the useful swag! I loved the workbook and images she provided. I am a more efficient shopper now. Now when I shop I think, “What would Lisa do?” . Thank you Lisa”

Headshot Bev Halperin

Bev Halperin

Leadership Strategies & Vistage International

Lisa Helped Me Understand What Works for Me, My Lifestyle AND Gave Me Confidence!

“Lisa did a tremendous job helping me to understand what works best for me, that fits with my lifestyle, and gives me confidence with my wardrobe. She created lots of “new” outfits from my existing pieces, putting things together that I would have never considered. Lisa took the time to understand me, and what I would be comfortable in, and made me feel great! She also taught me how to make the right selections going forward. It was a lot of fun and a real pleasure to work with Lisa!”

Derek Anderson Headshot

Tamara Gruber

Travel Blogger, We3Travel

Lisa FINALLY Helped Me Understand My Body Shape & How to Dress to Look My Best.

“I recently worked with Lisa to do a wardrobe makeover. I’m someone that grew up as the “skinny girl” and has had a really hard time adjusting to an ever changing body and understanding how to dress my new curves that are here to stay. Lisa helped me FINALLY understand my body shape and how to dress to look my best. She is very kind, considerate and encouraging. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. You can tell she doesn’t want to just style you, she wants to teach you how to feel confident and happy. 

I walked away having a good sense of exactly what to look for in shirts, pants, shoes, jackets and even jewelry. Even more, she created a shopping list for me with links to stores (that I could afford!) for pieces that would help fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. Working with Lisa has given me the confidence boost that I needed to walk with my head up again instead of hunching over and covering up. Thank you Lisa!!”

(The picture shows Tamara in one of the outfits we put together!)

Pam DeMelim

Pam DeMelim

Executive VP, Chief Admin. Officer, Brokers’ Service Marketing Group

Lisa was Enthusiastic & Sensitive to the Group, Helping Others to Be the Best They Can Be

“Lisa did a workshop for us here at BSMG titled “Insure” Success with How You Dress. It was engaging, interactive and exactly the type of workshop I was looking for. I look forward to other workshops Lisa offers. She was great. She was enthusiastic, sensitive to the group, professional and passionate about helping others position themselves to be the best they can be.”

Shorr Success

Alicia Hanson

Johnston, RI

She Researched AIPSO and Came Prepared With Relevant Information & Examples to Connect With Her Audience.

*Lisa’s presentation on the Power of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication was engaging and informative.

*Thank you for bringing Lisa to us.
*Wish the presentation was longer.
*Can we invite Lisa back for more awe inspiring presentations?

“This is the type of feedback I received after having invited Lisa to AIPSO to present the Power of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. Lisa spoke of the importance of first impressions and how people perceive us not only by our appearance, but also how we conduct ourselves through oral and written communication.

You could tell Lisa did her homework. She researched our company, AIPSO, and came prepared with relevant information and examples so she could connect with her audience. Mission accomplished. Lisa was able to not only connect with her audience but was also able to engage them in an open and energetic dialogue.

Working with Lisa prior to coming in for the presentation was fantastic. Lisa is easy to work with on a professional level and I have enjoyed our talks on a personal level.

I look forward to our continued professional and personal relationships.”

Lisa with Fashion Merchandising Class

Kristen Regine

Marketing Professor, Johnson & Wales University

Lisa Really Understands How to Connect With Her Audience

“I look forward to a presentation from Lisa, she brings so much energy to the room and really understands how to connect with her audience. My favorite part about her presentations are the colorful handouts; it keeps me engaged and eager to take notes.”

Kate Linehan

Kate Linehan

Admissions Coordinator-Bay View Academy

The Lessons They 'Students' Learned Have Prepared Them to Be Strong Young Women

“Lisa created a wonderful, personalized presentation for our Upper School Student Ambassadors. She was engaging, energetic, and truly reached her audience. Our students enjoyed their time with Lisa, and the lessons they learned that afternoon have certainly prepared them for their role as ambassadors of Bay View, as well as strong young women in today’s world.”

Kristen Regine

Kristen Regine

AMP-RI, President

Lisa was a hit! Such a Great Event Filled with Energy and Excitement!

“Lisa was a hit! Such a great event filled with energy and excitement. Lisa was prepared with handouts and spoke from her personal experience. She was able to connect with her audience and provide relevant information for the workplace and beyond.”

andrea mazie 1

Andrea Mazie

Working with Lisa was fantastic! I Discovered Potential In My Own Closet!

“Working with Lisa was fantastic! Not only did I have fun and enjoy her company, I discovered potential in my own closet I’d never have discovered on my own, learned a few simple tricks to take my appearance from ho-hum to classy, and quickly filled the gaps in my wardrobe on a wildly successful shopping trip. Lisa’s sense of style and what would work for me was spot on. But at the same time she helped push me out of a “safe” zone of neutrals into more fun and fun to wear items. I am so grateful to her and already thinking about winter shopping.”

nstc logo

Hank Blumsack

President & CEO at The Vesume Group, LLC

I had the Pleasure of Inviting Lisa to be a Keynote Speaker.

“I had the pleasure of inviting Lisa to be a key note speaker at the North Shore Technology Council meeting a few months. Lisa’s presence created instant energy and excitement within the room. Her upbeat attitude and approach to presenting the “best image” of ourselves resonated across the group. Lisa stressed the importance of presenting a positive initial impression and how looking, speaking and preparing for all meetings personifies who we are. 

First impressions are the most important impressions we make and the success of how people perceive us translates into successful or failed business and personal relationships. I hope to have the pleasure to see Lisa and consult with her in my business when needed. I would highly recommend engaging her services.”

Tech Collective Logo

Tammy Lynn Sivo


It was a real pleasure to meet you – I really enjoyed your presentation.

Tech Collective’s Women in Technology – Mentor/Mentee Event

“It was a real pleasure to meet you – I really enjoyed your presentation. I am even thinking of going shopping to purchase a scarf, which I have never done before. I was very impressed with you and the information you brought to us.”

Lauren Mullaney – FM Global

“Thank you Lisa for your time and your expert advice today. I found your presentation very insightful and intriguing.”

JWU Logo 2

Sara Mae Baker

JWU Graduating Senior, Class of 2014

The 4 P’s of Entrepreneurship - Lisa Offered Me that AH-HA Moment!

Johnson & Wales University

The 4 P’s of Entrepreneurship – What I’ve Learned…

“Lisa Shorr is a very warm and inspiring individual with a fantastic sense of style and people. When my professor told the class a personal stylist, Lisa Shorr, was coming in to speak, I was so excited and looked her up immediately! She is such an inspiration from what I’ve researched and then from her presentation as well. 

Not only does Lisa really know her stuff, but she also offered me that ‘ah-ha’ moment. Listening to Lisa speak about her experiences as a stylist made me realize, that was one major aspect to the fashion industry which I loved; helping people feel good, look good, and express themselves through personal style and clothing.”

Shorr Success

Maureen V.

Johnston, RI

I really enjoyed the class you did with us at AIPSO!

“I really enjoyed the class you did with us at AIPSO! You were very energetic and confident and made everyone feel comfortable. The 90 minutes went by way too fast. I left inspired with the feeling I can do this. I look forward to seeing you do another class in the near future.”

CWE Logo 2

Alfred Renaud

Green Pro Services LLC. Center for Women & Enterprise

The Business of Presenting You!

Center for Women & Enterprise

“The Business of Presenting You!”

“Thank you for a wonderful seminar at CWE.  Your enthusiasm and direction of class led participation made it a pleasure to attend.  I particularly enjoyed the “Listening” exercise!”

Rose Hogan – Hogan Business Solutions

“It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you Lisa of “Shorr Style” for giving a class on “Personal Branding” for the new Business Owner. You inspired me with my image and gave me the confidence to get the real message out about my business “Green Pro Services LLC.”

july2014 hot cover

Andre Wright

I had the honor of styling this photo shoot.

Donahue Models & Talent – Andre Wright – Trade Secrets Magazine “Talent Talks” Model – July 2014 ed.


“Yemi that was an excellent article and spread. Exciting! Thank you so much for having me be a part of Trade Secrets Magazine. I also enjoyed your article and photo on the roof deck (Styleweek SWIM). It was a surprise to be on the cover!  I didn’t expect that and was in shock. You did a great job along with everyone on the set. I had fun and a great experience, very well rounded shoot.  Thank you again.”

Mary Kim Arnold

Mary-Kim Arnold

Providence, RI

She Listened to My Needs & Developed a Personalized Plan.

“She is energetic and enthusiastic. She listened to what my needs were and developed a personalized plan to update and improve my wardrobe. She offered practical guidance for fit and style. She is very knowledgeable and I felt like I was in good hands throughout the process! She helped me to see my existing wardrobe in new ways and with new possibilities and identified what was lacking. Now, I feel confident wearing everything in my closet!”

Debbi new outfit 2 Version 2 e 100x100 1

Debbi Kellner

Winthrop, MA

Thank you so much I feel like a new Woman, a beautiful Woman!!

“Thank you so much I feel like a new Woman, a beautiful Woman!!  Over the last few years a lot has gone on in my life and as a result I have gained some weight. I have not felt comfortable in the clothes I have been getting for myself. With your guidance and support doing the hardest thing for me – clothes shopping, I know what to look for now and it feels so Amazing!! You have helped me change my life and words cannot express how grateful I am for you!!”

Diana Wantoch Final e1369168774289 150x150 1

Diana Francesca Wantoch

Miriam Hospital

Lisa helped me accomplish a great deal with my existing wardrobe in a very short time!

“Spent another few hours with Lisa today and feel great! Have several bags of clothes to donate in my truck and lots of beautiful outfits in my closet to wear to work and to go out in. Since I was in all day today we are going out for dinner locally for Chinese food. What do you think? Lisa helped me accomplish a great deal with my existing wardrobe in a very short time! I can’t wait to wear all the new outfits I didn’t know I had! Thanks so much Lisa!”

Michelle Novello

Michelle Novello

Riverside, RI

Delight and joy await you when you invite Lisa Shorr to come to your closet and explore!

“Delight and joy await you when you invite Lisa Shorr to come to your closet and explore! Her obvious talents and excitement about accessories and colors and clothes is infectious. You might even discover that exactly what you have will work in new combinations, and with a variation on accessories. Rediscover the gems that you already have! 

Get rid of the ones that just don’t work! I had the most amazing three hours with Lisa, and I feel renewed and charged up about my own femininity and beauty. We can be so harsh about our own bodies, and so critical. Lisa is a delightful set of second eyes to set you on the right path!”

Lisa Blackman

Lisa Blackman

Pawtucket, RI

She takes the time to get to know you, your body type, and your style...

“Lisa is passionate about clothes and style, and about helping you find the right look to flatter you. She takes the time to get to know you, your body type, and your style, and she gives helpful, honest feedback about how things look. I can always count on her to tell me when something is a hit, and, more importantly, when it is a miss. I know if Lisa has blessed an outfit, I’m going to look good wherever I go!”

Wendy Beckett

Wendy Beckett

Creative Director, HomeGoods

I had the pleasure of spending three very productive hours with Lisa Shorr during a Closet Clean Up.

“I had the pleasure of spending three very productive hours with Lisa Shorr during a Closet Clean Up we did together.Before we entered my closet, Lisa took the time to get to know my style, my body type and what I was hoping to accomplish with our session. I started a new job with a much more corporate dress code and I needed to put together looks that were more polished without completely changing my own personal style. 

Right away she helped me figure out I wasn’t wearing the correct size. She pointed out the clothes that fit best and we weeded out what I kept hanging in my closet but never wore. She also found great pieces I wore only occasionally and showed me how I could work them into my everyday looks. I’m amazed at what I didn’t know I had right in my closet. There were some basics I needed to add and Lisa was great about suggesting a few pieces that could go along way. Lisa has a great eye and gave me ideas I never would have come up with on my own. Before I worked with her I thought of working with a stylist as a luxury. After working with Lisa, I now see it as a practical investment. I showed up at my new job knowing I looked great. I highly recommend working with Lisa – she’s great at what she does.”



We started with a body and style consult...

“Mary and I had a wonderful afternoon together.  We started with a body and style consult and ended with a very fun and interactive discussion on accessories; what works best for her body type, how to tie scarves and even how to select the proper handbag!  Click here to watch and LISTEN to her video testimonial!”

Shorr Success

Maeve Christopher


Thank you for such a wonderful contribution to our web party.

“A belated thank you for such a wonderful contribution to our web party in March and again on Wednesday! You have such a great way of drawing people in and making them comfortable — and then sensing the right thing to say and recommend!  Wow!  Jenn G. is still bubbling over how you helped her– and she bought new clothes–I can tell she’s felling better about herself!”

Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin

VP, Engineering Services, Kelser Corporation

Lisa's workshop was very interactive!

I recently attended Lisa’s workshop at IT Nation Connect. Being a busy VP for a growing MSP, I was hesitant to attend as I thought it would be another “cookie-cutter” presentation. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case! Lisa’s workshop was very interactive. She used real world situations that I could relate to and content I can use with my organization. She involved the attendees and encouraged them to ask questions and describe their own situations, to which she provided insight and recommendations. 

I highly recommend Lisa’s workshops. They are worth every minute and provide the attendees with valuable tools to take back and implement in their organizations

Shorr Success

Paige Degidio

Senior IT Nation Event manager, Connectwise

I cannot recommend Lisa Shorr enough as a speaker & brand strategist.

“I cannot recommend Lisa Shorr enough as a speaker and brand strategist. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, but she has a unique ability to connect with her audience and deliver actionable resources that attendees can implement in their own work. As a business owner herself, Lisa is extremely relatable to audiences, and is a trusted advisor for the MSP community and beyond. In addition to being a wonderful speaker and educator, she is flexible and a joy to work with from a conference planner perspective.”