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Private Image Consulting

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Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Personal Brand!

How would your colleagues describe your image?


We are a distracted society and have no more than THREE seconds to make a great first impression, how we appear (verbally or nonverbally) matters!


  • In line for an exciting promotion or recently promoted and are not sure how to project your image with confidence?
  • Not knowing how to “network.” You feel awkward at company functions and corporate networking events.
  • Re-entering the workforce and are not sure what to wear and what to expect?
  • Frustrated and unsure of your body type and how to shop to reflect your authentic style?
  • You have a closet of clothes and nothing to wear!
  • Shopping is always such a challenge.

Who is Shorr Successful For?

My programs are for men and women who have a goal in mind and need the powerful and empathetic support of an experienced Image and Branding Coach to hold them accountable and guide them to success!

My mission is to partner with you to show you how to deliver a strong and influential first impression and lasting positive impact. Success and knowledge are knocking at your door! Open it to ensure you are “Shorr-to-Shine” every time!

My 1:1 coaching sessions are all customized. My objective is to bring clarity around your goals and teach you how to develop an executive presence and personal brand that exudes confidence, is authentic and, prepared for any professional event.

Let’s Invest In You!

  • Individual Style Consultations, including determining your body shape.
  • Closet Analysis and Clean Up
  • Color Analysis
  • Personal Shopping
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Interview Skills
  • Meeting & Presentation Facilitation Coaching
  • Ensure Your Online Profiles Align With Your In Person Communication
  • Individual Goal Setting & Achievement – Everyone needs a coach and cheerleader!
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