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Personal & Corporate Branding Coach

Break Free From The Sea-Of-Sameness By Building A Brand That Enhances Client Retention And Generates Profits For Your Business.

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Lisa Shorr
Personal & Corporate Brand Coach

Personal & Corporate Branding Coach

Break Free From The Sea-Of-Sameness By Building A Brand That Enhances Client Retention And Generates Profits For Your Business.

Lisa Shorr Business Coach

Are You Tired Of Handing Business To Your Competitors Because You Are Perceived As Lacking In Confidence and Capability? It’s Time To Shine!

Do you feel like your company or career has plateaued, stalled, or—even worse—lost ground? The problem may lie in how you’re presenting yourself to the world. Every day, individuals and businesses lose valuable projects, clients, and job opportunities due to issues with image. Perception matters. How you look, how you behave, and how you communicate yourself and business to the world around you… all of these can either skyrocket us toward a bright future, or subtly sabotage our goals.

Here’s the good news: every corporation, small business, and individual has a unique set of values, abilities, and passions. They’re just waiting to be discovered.

Meet Lisa Shorr

I’m Lisa Shorr. I’ve spent the past decade helping IT organizations, small to medium-sized businesses, and individuals grow their success–and bottom line–by harnessing the power of positive image.

I understand the process and know it works, because I’ve experienced it myself. When my own IT business underperformed for five years straight, my co-founder (who also happens to be my husband, Eric) and I couldn’t deny that something was missing. We had the experience, we had the techs, we had the know-how. So why were we losing clients?

The answer was simple: our business image hadn’t matured with our company. Although we had grown in size and increased our scope of work, the way we appeared, communicated, and behaved didn’t match up. We weren’t attracting the clients we were capable of serving. We knew it was time for a radical change.

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Learn My Blueprint For Brand Advocacy!

Here are the key elements of The B.R.A.N.D. Method:

We are a distracted society bombarded with technology all around us, the dire need to develop and enhance our communication styles to stand out and become more influential leaders has never been greater. 

Technical skills are crucial to job function success, it’s the soft skills that correlate to enhanced employee engagement and morale, increased client retention and higher profits.

As a growth minded organization or leader, you need a B.R.A.N.D. new and transformative system that aligns with your goals and increases your bottom-line revenues!  

I successfully implemented The B.R.A.N.D. Method in my own small business when we were struggling. I want my evolution to be your evolution too! 

Here are the 6 Key Pillars of my B.R.A.N.D. Method

Mindset Shift

We start here! View Your Entire Team as a Brand Ambassador That Builds Trust, Loyalty, And Best of All Brand Advocacy From Your Clients!

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Learn strategies that build awareness around taking responsibility for you and your entire team’s actions for stronger relationships.

Is It Time To Stop Playing The Blame Game?

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Learn several ways to show respect and appreciation toward our clients, our team, and ourselves.

Curious about the power of compassion and empathy

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Create A Clear “Visual Signature,” Online Or In Person that exudes confidence and credibility.

Does Your Brand Need Polishing?

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Identify clear methods for the entire Team, from Owner, to Sales to Technical folks, to build trusting and meaningful relationships.

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Dynamic Dialogue

Communicate effectively, via the phone, in person or online, to convert leads into “Evergreen Clients" and increase client retention.

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You Are Here To Make Impactful Change!

The path to transformation is not easy, even though many of the principles are simple and universal. My mission is to separate you from that “sea-of-sameness” to shine your brightest. I teach my “Shorr-to-Shine” system to IT companies, small businesses, and individuals around the country. Select from one of 3 options:


A sought after speaker, Lisa inspires and engages her audiences to take immediate action!

Corporate Consulting

Ready for you and your team to reach your highest potential? Let’s focus on executive presence, communication, and impactful leadership skills.

Personal Image Coaching

Crush your self-limiting beliefs and be authentically you! I am here to help you each step of the way.

It’s Time To Be Proactive And Work On The Image Of Your Business, Instead Of In Exhausting Reactive Mode

Enough is enough! It’s time to transform your:

  • Outdated Image that doesn’t match up to who you or your business is today.
  • Employees who are great at what they do but make an unfavorable impression on clients.
  • Inconsistent personal or business brand that doesn’t provide a clear message of your abilities.

There is a connection between your personal brand and business success. Your entire team needs to possess an executive presence that exudes confidence and credibility that results in a powerful first impression, enhanced relationships, and more sales!

Stop losing money, customers, or job opportunities thanks to a misunderstood employee or brand. Don’t wait one more day to make a change. It’s Time To Shine!

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Ready To Build A Better Brand Image?

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