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6 Strategies to Become A Trusted V.E.N.D.O.R.

6 strategies to become a trusted v.e.n.d.o.r. 002

Why do MSPs partner with vendors? Though the strategy behind this question is quite extensive, the theory is very simple: trust. As an MSP owner for 25 years, I know that I could not have grown my company without strong vendor relationships. Your solutions solve problems for my clients. The products and services you offer mitigate cyber-attacks, […]

What Does an MSP See When They Look at You? Brand Credibility or Brand Confusion?

What Does an MSP See When They Look at You Brand Credibility or Brand Confusion

When an MSP sees you, your co-workers, your website, social channels, or trade show booth, what do they see? How do they perceive you? With clarity or confusion? Last month, I wrote an article highlighting 6 Strategies to Become a Trusted V.E.N.D.O.R. Using an acronym for the word “vendor,” I highlighted six soft skill strategies to focus […]

This One Thing Can Ruin Your Credibility in Q2!

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And 3 Ways to Fix It! Well, here we are, April 2021, and the start of Quarter 2. I hope Q1 was productive and a positive sign of a profitable Q2. Major media outlets are posting a variety of articles outlining which Covid restrictions are being lifted and when. One key development in this process […]

How We Landed An $8,000 MRR Deal During a Pandemic… And How You Can Too!

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Click here to read this article and others on ChannelPro. A rapidly growing construction company was fed up! Their current IT provider took several days to respond to phone calls and forever to set up computers for new employees. Their biggest frustration was constantly wasting time by repeating themselves thanks to the constant turnover of […]

5 Ideas to Network Virtually During a Pandemic

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I truly hope this latest message finds you and your family well. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am still in a surreal state of mind. My family and I are taking many precautions to stay vigilant and safe. We instill these same protocols for my IT business too. While the […]

Delegate, Don’t Abdicate

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Follow these 10 steps to better manage your service delivery and ensure business continuity and corporate growth ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO, one of our senior engineers decided to leave our company for “greener pastures.” This engineer had been with us for over five years and handled the maintenance of a few key accounts. During the […]

Why Patagonia Said No To A Sale

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The Lesson Learned When Your Mission and Brand Do Not Align While waiting for my daughter to complete a ballet audition, I opened and read a recent and interesting article (or it became a couple of articles) on the unintended phenomenon of how the “Patagonia Vest” has defined an industry and became a status […]

5 Voice Strategies to Get Your Contract Signed, Not Declined

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Make sure each word we voice to our clients, prospects, or employees is understood with zero misperception. “Your level of achievement, happiness, and satisfaction is directly correlated to your ability to emotionally connect with and move other people!”—Celebrity Vocal Coach Roger Love At a recent Technology Marketing Toolkit Quarterly Producers Club meeting, Robin Robins, founder […]

The “Other” Networking

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Follow these seven strategies for networking with humans to grow your business. When I say the word “networking,” what comes to mind? I’ll bet it’s your client’s or your own tech infrastructure that runs a business. While you’re not wrong, as the self-professed “Image Geek in the MSP world,” I am actually referring to that […]

Busting the MSP Myth That Appearance Doesn’t Matter

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You have seven seconds to make a first impression. What message do you want your appearance to convey to customers and prospects? I participated in an initial sales meeting once that “looked” like this: The first salesperson sat in my conference room chair in a too-tight button-down untucked shirt, exposing bulging buttons and abdominal hair. […]