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Build Employee Morale on a See-S.A.W.

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Weeee! Up in the air, down to the ground. Then up and down. All the while giggling while our feet tap the group to propel us up once again! I have such fond memories of riding on a see-saw when my kids were young! This fond memory came flooding back to me after I watched […]

Office Holiday Party Etiquette – Five Tips for Success!


As the Andy Williams song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” The air is crisp, jovial family meals, vacation days, big sales at the mall and the dreaded, er…I mean exciting Office Holiday Party! In life, we are always seeking opportunities to create special memories to cherish for years. When it comes […]

The Business Bite & Other Dinner Etiquette Tips

Dining Etiquette

How many business dinners have you attended where your final memory of your dinner companion was chewed food discarded on the side of their plate or strands of spaghetti slowly being slurped into their mouth? Disgusting, right!? Question: Do table manners really impact our image?

Stage Your House – What About Staging Yourself?

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Fresh flowers are on the dining room table, furniture positioned just so and the house is wafting a hypnotic scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, your listing is ready to show! You’ve meticulously staged your house, what about your image? Your image will determine your fate; are you polished and poised for success? Your […]

Let’s Not Use a Selfie on LinkedIn

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The Importance of a Professional Looking Headshot! I have a little “test” for you. Scroll through your connections on LinkedIn and look at each profile picture. My question: What is the first impression or detail you find for each? I did this exercise while preparing for a workshop at Johnson & Wales University. Here is […]

Take A Stand for Your Personal Brand

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The Importance of Promoting You! I remember interviewing for my first “professional” job more than 20 years ago. I was preparing to interview for a receptionist position in a small adhesives manufacturing company. Perusing the local newspaper, my eyes fell on this position, I knew I could do the job. I circled the ad and […]

What Would Joan Rivers Say? Five Tips to Corporate Event Etiquette

What would Joan say COVER

In August, we lost a comedic icon, Joan Rivers. For several decades, she delighted and shocked audiences with her quick wit and crass humor. On the stage she had a ‘take-no-prisoners’ stance while, behind the scenes she loved her family and was generous philanthropically. She once said: ”I succeeded by saying what everyone else is […]

How to Be Spot on With Your Laundry

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Tip to Caring for You Clothing / Investment Most people would describe me as a go-getter! My motto, “why wait when I can get it done today” carries me through my career, motherhood as well as my volunteer work. There is one nemesis that puts a kink in my mojo – that is laundry! Oh […]

“Image”ine the Possibilities! Your Appearance = Success.

Interview attire

Imagine interviewing for your dream job. Imagine giving a presentation to C-level executives. Imagine a dinner meeting with clients to renew a huge contract. Now think about your personal appearance. How important are first impressions? It takes more than just a strong handshake and confident “hello” to get someone’s attention. What you wear is equally […]